iFindMyActivator Windows Tool

iFindMyActivator is a tool that lets you access your iPhone or iPad's hidden menus without needing a password or external software. It even works without an iPhone backup. This new version is faster and lets you turn off Game Center without a password. It also has additional features like backup, PET finding (possibly referring to a lost or stolen device), and disabling Apple's Find My iPhone.

iFindMyActivator FREE OPEN MENU :

⭐️ Game Center can be turned off and on normally without asking for a password.

✅ New Features:

πŸ˜„ No need for Elcomsoft any external software, or any iPhone backup.

  πŸ˜„ Faster OPEN MENU

How To Use iFindMyActivator

 πŸ˜„ Backup

 πŸ˜„ Find PET


πŸ“±Support Any iPhone any iPad ( OPEN MENU ) 

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