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Griffin-Unlocker Tool FREE Released 2024

Griffin-Unlocker FREE Released 2024

Griffin-Unlocker FREE Released 2024

Griffin-Unlocker FREE Released 2024

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NameGriffin-Unlocker Tool
Tool OwnerGriffin-Unlocker Tool
welcomeTech point 220

Griffin-Unlocker Tool is a mobile repair software that aims to offer easy-to-use functions for repairing various mobile devices. It supports various functions for “MediaTek”, “Qualcomm”, “Xiaomi”, “Huawei (HiSilicon)”, and Samsung devices. The software offers functions for reading phone information, removing FRP, factory resetting, “unlocking/locking the bootloader”, “flashing firmware”,” backup/restoring EFS”, “repairing IMEI”, and more. Tera Tool offers functions through “ADB”, “Fastboot”, and “EDL modes” for different devices.

Feature OF Griffin-Unlocker :

+ Improved Unisoc/Spreadtrum Protocol Operaitons and Models ⚡
+ Improved Qualcomm Remove Mi Account Methods in EDL Mode
+ Improved & Add New MediaTek Reset Operations :
   Factory Reset New Method
   Factory Reset ( General Model )
   Factory Reset New Safe ( Huawei )
   Factory Reset Safe ( No Data Lose ) ( OPPO )
   Factory Reset Safe ( No Data Lose ) ( VIVO )
   Factory Reset Safe ( No Data Lose ) ( Realme )
- Flash XML Firmware
- Read GPT
- Write / Read / Erase / Restore Partitions
- Write / Read / Erase EFS [ Network Partitions ]
- Factory Reset Samsung [Safe Mode]
- Remove Samsung FRP Lock in EDL Mode [OneClick]
- Unbrick Samsung Models In EDL Mode [ Without Flash ][OneClick]
- Reset Lost Mode For Samsung Models In EDL Mode [OneClick]
- Bypass KG [ Reset KG Samsung ] In EDL Mode [OneClick]

Before using Griffin-Unlocker Tool: 

  • Backup your phone's data.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your phone.
  • Download the correct Griffin-Unlocker Tool.

 How to use Griffin-Unlocker Tool: 

  1. Download and install Griffin-Unlocker Tool on your computer.
  2. Connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable.
  3. Launch Griffin-Unlocker Tool.
  4. Select the task you want to do.
  5. Provide the necessary information.
  6. Click the "Start" button.

Griffin-Unlocker is a powerful tool. If used incorrectly, it can damage your phone. Therefore, read the instructions carefully before using this tool.
I hope this post has helped you understand Griffin-Unlocker Tool.

 Some more tips: 

Keep your phone's battery charged above 50% before using Griffin-Unlocker Tool.
Use a good quality USB cable.
Keep the internet connection stable.
You can ask your questions in the comments.

Download Link

Error Fix Driver Frist install
Driver Download

 password is: Ramsevak9180

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