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CixiTool Android Suite v1. Free Download


CixiTool Android Suite v1.

Utilizing CiXiTool Android Suite, you can reset your unique mark sensor for better execution on Samsung gadgets. It capabilities on numerous sorts of Samsung Universe An and S series telephones and offers both fundamental and complete adjustment for explicit sensor models. To utilize this device, in any case, you should have root access, so go on with it cautiously.

Features CIXITool Android Suite Tool:
Repair record
Read information (Adb, Fastboot) (Generic)
Read information fastboot oem Huawei
Read information sideload Xiaomi
Format data sideload Xiaomi
Enable diagnostic port (Root, No root) (Qualcomm)
Enable diagnostic port (No root method 2 Xiaomi) (Qualcomm)
Format EFS (Qualcomm) (UBL)
Edit QCN
Backup NVDATA (Samsung) (Qualcomm, Exynos, Mediatek, UniSoc) (Root)
Write NVDATA (Samsung) (Qualcomm, Exynos, Mediatek) (Root)
Write partitions (Samsung) (Root)
Unlocked bootloader logo repair Mediatek, Exynos (Samsung) (Auto)

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