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Android Utility Tool v132.00.2864 Latest Version [ Fix Error ]


Android Utility Tool v132.00.2864

Android Utility Tool v132.00.2864

A large number of devices required for fixing any Android cell phone is remembered for the Android Utility Instrument. Many issues and blunder messages like "New update found - download" have been fixed by this most recent update. This rendition of the Android Utility Apparatus is currently liberated from mistakes for download and use by all clients.

Individuals who couldn't open the past variant and who got mistake messages like "Site Suspended" while attempting to download refreshes have whined to me many times over WhatsApp. To fix any past issues, you can now download and utilize the gave variant of the instrument on your PC.

What's New

⦿ added Samsung A03S [A037F] Clear RPMB via preloader mode
⦿ added Samsung A03S [A037F] Write RPMB via preloader mode
(you can use this option to change Knox guard status from (01) to (11) – you will need some extra tricks, figure it out).
⦿ added VIVO Qualcomm WRITE protected devices (RESET/WRITE) EFS (bypass via FH poke exploit).
⦿ added OPPO Qualcomm READ protected devices (RESET/WRITE) EFS (bypass via fw_upate FH loader, write via patch).
⦿ Qualcomm restore (EFS/NV) option, now can work on other partitions as well –
(boot, recovery, modem, etc.) – compress any partition, and you can restore as NV.
⦿ Improved Samsung Activate ADB via MTP Android 13 (it works till June Patch LEVEL (01.06.2023) –
need to repeat the operation (2,3,5) times), we’re working on (July+) updates but not yet ready.
⦿ Improved Ext4 FS Explorer engine (now you can modify SUPER IMG directly with unpack and repack –
SUPER IMG read from device, not the one from factory firmware images).
⦿ Fixed Smart card connection (the software was a little bit slow, while checking for smart cards. Now it works faster).
⦿ Android Utility v115 No Smart Card edition will be ready in few days.

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