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TFM QC Tool V1.7.0 Free Download


TFM QC Tool V1.7.0

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NameTFM QC Tool
Tool OwnerTFM QC Tool
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TFM QC Tool 1.7.0 Crack by sevak ram from GCT Pack is here for free download. the tool is Fully free for all users only need a running GCT Pack on your computer.To use this tool only you need to Windows computer that runs on 64-bit 10 or 10. also, some limitations come with this crack because it works offline you can use only functions that work without the internet, and are you connect to the internet it auto updates and you can never use the crack and need to fresh crack again. In this post describe all features that come with this tool please check once. the tool comes with multi-function on a Qualcomm base device. this tool allows users to perform unlock flash or bypass FRP lock-like features also vivo users use the Auth option which allows you to flash or unlock easily with only a single click without any credit or official tool. 

Features OF TFM QC Tool :

Single Program
Read Info
Reset FRP
Factory Reset
Reset FRP [ Android 11 / 12/ 13 ]
Demo Reset (Vivo)
Restore EFS
Reset EFS
Backup EFS
EFS Reset(Vivo)
Multi program
Custom Patch and Program File
Safe IMEI Will Flash
Flash VIVO
Dump and Flasher
Mi Cloud Relock Fix
Reboot To EDL Via Server
Read Info (Assistant Mode)
Reboot Edl
Reset Frp And Wipe Data
Hard Reset/ Wipe Data Reset 

 How to use TFM QC Tool: 

  1. Download and install Android Utility Tool on your computer.
  2. Connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable.
  3. Launch TFM QC Tool.
  4. Select the task you want to do.
  5. Provide the necessary information.
  6. Click the "Start" button.

TFM QC Tool V1.7.0 is a powerful tool. If used incorrectly, it can damage your phone. Therefore, read the instructions carefully before using this tool.
I hope this post has helped you understand TFM QC Tool.

 Some more tips: 

Keep your phone's battery charged above 50% before using Android Utility Tool.
Use a good quality USB cable.
Keep the internet connection stable.
You can ask your questions in the comments.

Download Link
Password: Ramsevak9180

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